January 19, 2022 Dhruv

New product launch success with Aldi Scotland

Year on year, Indian cuisine tops the popularity charts in Scotland and it’s often washed down with a certain special Scottish orange coloured drink! So, it’s no surprise then that our latest product launch, Iron Brew pakora and beer battered pakora, flew off the shelves this year. At Punjab Pakora, we pride ourselves on constantly innovating on our products and in 2021 we married our quality pakora with Scotland’s favourite drink to create our Iron Brew pakora.

We took this to market along with beer battered pakora and our partner, Aldi Scotland, stocked it at nearly 100 stores across Scotland. Not only did our new products taste great, but they looked great too with distinctive tartan packaging in recognisable orange and blue.
The new products were part of a limited range developed for Scottish Food and Drink Fortnight, an annual event that sets out to celebrate everything wonderful about Scottish cuisine up and down the country. We were delighted to join the celebration this year of everything special in Scottish food and drink and even happier when we learned that our products were sold out!

Being part of a national celebration of Scottish food and drink offerings was extremely rewarding and it was wonderful to have the support of our partner, Aldi Scotland, to get our products on to shelves across the nation.

You can contact us through our website to learn more about our products, where they are stocked and how you can work with us. We can’t wait to hear from you!


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