• Mushroom Chilli Pakora

    Punjab Pakora’s products are distributed all over Scotland where our brand is sold in various supermarkets with their own expectations from suppliers. We offer a range of Indian products by following old Indian traditional recipes and modernizing them to fit today’s taste using only the freshest meat and vegetables. Our fresh herbs and spices gives our chilled products a unique taste and keeps them fully fresh for 10 days of shelf life and making them suitable for freezing for a year. Our product has been laboratory tested, which proves our product contains no artificial colour, flavors or hydrogenated fat. This makes the product as a healthier option of snacks without losing its delicious taste.  Our products have been given the food traffic green light.


    *GLUTEN FREE – All of our products which we manufacture ranging from pakoras Excluding Black Pudding & Haggis Pakora to curries have 0% gluten content in them, which means they have no wheat, barley, or rye in any form*.

Handmade by honest men and bonnie lassies of Ayrshire Get In Touch